Since 2021 REACT has been present supporting the extraordinary initiative of a group of committed young Sudanese science and tech teachers. In some of the largest slums in Sudan, the teachers encourage children aged 7 to 15 to engage with practical science and technology and inspire their curiosity and confidence to invent and discover in a safe space. The first supported school by REACT is the ADAM H.M SCHOOL. It currently serves 20 children, girls and boys each day. There is a waiting list of over 50 children who also wish to attend.

Activities: Children are encouraged to get hands on to the concepts of electricity such as  dynamos, conductors, and cables.  Children build automated robots and creating with cardboard and scrap metal. Designing and envisioning and planning robot design.  Introduction to coding and programing Inspiring confidence to approach mechanics and programming with games and inventions. Every three months children will display their inventions to parents and public. A prize is awarded to best invention.

Statement by school director Adam:  Since I was a child I have been excited by science and inventing. I also lived a very difficult childhood and supported myself through school.  I learnt that a safe space to inspire learning and curiosity and questioning without fear is essential for every child. My love of physics and science and inventing has led me to open first my robot and superheroes club. Children have a space in the community to inspire their curiosity and for them to get hands on with electrical inventions and robot things. It was so popular that now I begin a school since 2020 and I request support to make this dream a reality.



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